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Technological excellence

We produce charcoal and green electricity

The technology used by OZEN in the production of electricity and charcoal has been fully patented and takes into account the scale effect. To the best knowledge of the Company’s Management Board, OZEN is the only company in the world that uses these types of technological solutions on such a large scale.

The production of charcoal is carried out through two production lines operating in parallel, independently of each other.

Selected, mainly hard wood species are used for the production of charcoal. The wood, after being collected for production by means of a hydraulic cutting guillotine, is shredded into pieces of approx. 30cm. The shredded wood is dried in a set of dryers, from where it is fed to the vertical retort, which is a reactor for the process of thermal wood disintegration. In the retort, at a temperature of up to 550C, the wood pyrolysis process takes place, as a result of which charcoal and wood gases degassed from wood are obtained. 

The charcoal emptied from the retort at a temperature of about 50C is filled into the coal seasoning tanks, from where, after a period of seasoning and further cooling, it is filled into the packaging equipment along the transport route.

The produced charcoal is sorted according to the granulation required by the Customer during transport to the packaging equipment. The fine charcoal fraction separated during sorting is used for the production of briquettes at the OZEN Sp. z o. o. Briquette production installation.

Superheated steam produced in heat recovery boilers powered by flue gases from wood gases burned in shaft furnaces, and additionally superheated steam produced by a biomass boiler fuelled with solid biomass, are used to produce electricity. Superheated steam produced by heat recovery boilers is combined in a steam collector with superheated steam produced in a biomass boiler. The steam produced, superheated through pipelines, is directed to the turbine set (exhaust-condensing steam turbine), where electricity is generated. Since the fuel used to generate electricity is a biomass, OZEN Sp. z o. o. is recognised as a producer of energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), which entitles the Company to sell the so-called Green Certificates. 

Photographs of the charcoal production facility

Photographs of green electricity generation facilities

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