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How do we work at OZEN?

Responsible and sustainable development

The Company’s activity is based on a fully closed production process, during which biomass is converted into electricity, charcoal, or charcoal briquettes. The whole process is divided into the following stages: (I) purchase of raw material; (II) processing wood into charcoal and steam production; (III) storage of final products and generation of electricity; (IV) sale of charcoal, charcoal briquettes and electricity. The company is considered one of the most modern producers of charcoal in Europe, for which the quality of products is a priority.

Ecology at OZEN

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Technology at OZEN

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OZEN is:

Technological excellence

The technology used by OZEN in the production of electricity and charcoal has been fully patented and takes into account the scale effect. To the best knowledge of the Company’s Management Board, OZEN is the only company in the world that uses this type of technological solutions on such a large scale.

Diversification of revenues

Two different product groups allow you to differentiate your revenues. The fixed income generated by the sale of electricity (about one third of the total sales) can be used to optimise sales and production of charcoal.

Strategic location

The company’s location in the north-western part of Poland enables easy access to raw materials, and thus means proximity to Germany, the largest importer of charcoal and charcoal briquettes in Europe.

Renewable energy production

Since biomass is considered to be a Renewable Energy Source (“RES”), the receipt of electricity produced by RES is guaranteed by law and allows the sale of so-called Green Certificates. It should be noted that the electricity generated and used for the Company’s internal needs also entitles it to sell Green Certificates.

Support measures

The EU granted the Company a subsidy of PLN 33 million for pro-ecological activities. In addition, the company is located in a Special Economic Zone, which gives OZEN the opportunity to benefit from a tax relief.

Experienced management team

The Management Board of the Company participated in all stages of the development of OZEN and has extensive technological and marketing knowledge.

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Ambition and development

We are a company with ambitious goals and dynamic development, which makes it worth investing in us. We believe that hard work and innovation are the key to success.

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