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What is OZEN?

Charcoal, electricity and ecology

OZEN Sp. z o.o. is located in Walcz in north-western Poland and covers an area of approx. 90 000 m2. The factory was launched in 2011.

The innovative and fully patented technology used at OZEN Sp. z o.o. makes the company one of the most technologically advanced producers of charcoal and electricity.

Production of charcoal at OZEN Sp. z o.o. is carried out through two production lines operating in parallel, independently of each other. A selected mix of mainly hard wood species is used for the charcoal production. Charcoal is produced in two vertical retorts. The charcoal production technology is highly automated, which guarantees the production of charcoal in high volumes and constant, high quality parameters.

OZEN Sp. z o.o. also produces briquettes from charcoal dust. Briquette production is carried out through an independent briquette production installation. The briquette is produced from a fine fraction of charcoal mixed in the right proportion with water and cereal starch. 

OZEN Sp. z o. o. is also a producer of electricity. Thanks to the use of innovative, patented technology, it is the first company in the world to use superheated steam produced in two heat recovery boilers powered by exhaust gases from burnt wood gas together with superheated steam from a biomass boiler powered by solid biomass. Since the fuel used to generate electricity is biomass, OZEN Sp. z o. o. is recognised as a producer of energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), receipt of electricity generated by OZEN Sp. z o. o. is guaranteed and allows the sale of the so-called Green Certificates.

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Green electric energy

We invest in the future



At Ozen, we believe in innovation and, as we know, there is no innovation without modern technology. This makes us the most modern charcoal plant in Europe.  


Ecology has never been as important as it is today. We are aware of global changes, which is why we invest in green solutions.  

The future

Ozen is made up of ambitious and talented people, which allows us to aim high and achieve more and more ambitious goals step by step. We believe that cooperation and hard work are the key to success.

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