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The charcoal we offer comes from our own production and is of the highest quality. 

Zdjęcie Brykietu kafelka

Charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquette means high temperature and long burning time.

Green electric energy

Green, environmentally friendly energy from OZEN.


High automation and continuity of production of the charcoal production installation cause that the produced charcoal has stable parameters and high product quality. The parameters of the produced charcoal are constantly monitored by the internal quality control department and confirmed by tests commissioned to external laboratories.

Charcoal is produced from selected tree species, after agreement with the Customer, it is possible to select the structure of the wood species mixture in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

Charcoal produced by OZEN Sp. z o. o. after obtaining the European Biochar Certificate (EBC) is a BIOCOAL, compatible outside the barbeque market for a wide range of use for the needs of industrial technology and on the agricultural market.

Charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquette is produced from mechanically fragmented fine fraction of charcoal, mixed in the right proportion with water and natural cereal starch. 

Charcoal briquette is dedicated to applications requiring high combustion temperature maintained for a long time.

Green electric energy

OZEN has developed its own fully patented technology that takes into account economies of scale, which makes the company a global pioneer in using the heat generated during the production of charcoal (pyrolysis of wood) to produce electricity. 

Since the fuel used to generate electricity is a biomass, OZEN Sp. z o. o. is recognised as a producer of energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), which entitles the Company to sell the so-called Green Certificates.

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